Day 1:Join our Virtual Mood Routes!

4:00 PM, Monday 17 May 2021 EDT (15 minutes)
  Virtual session
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Join us virtually (click on the virtual join button above) as we go for a 15-minute walk in an outdoor greenspace! Research shows that even looking at pictures of nature can help elevate mood and lower stress. Mood Routes is a Ryerson Student Wellbeing ThriveRU initiative. Born out of the Canadian Mental Health Association’s Mood Walks program, Mood Walks is a greenspace walking intervention that encourages you to get outside not just for physical activity but also as a learning strategy.

Mood Routes help to:

- Restore attention, focus and reduces stress

- Improve health and fitness levels

- Increase connection to nature and improve mood

Ryerson students Natalie and Sarah will be leading today’s walks.

Walk 1:

  • Natalie will be walking in Downsview Park, focusing on Boake’s Grove and exploring the surrounding forest

  • Sarah will be walking along a street downtown to a small parkette for an urban walk

Our focus will be on forest exploration in a large park vs an urban-dwelling downtown parkette

Natalie is a Ryerson alumna from the Psychology Undergraduate program. She is an avid nature enthusiast and approaches her work with curiosity and excitement. 

Sarah is a fourth-year nursing student in Ryerson's Collaborative Nursing Program. She loves helping others with her work and engaging in community development!

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