Hallway Track : Meet me at the Beach!

Virtual chat room
2:25 PM, Wednesday 15 Jul 2020 EDT (30 minutes)
Welcome to the Hallway track via the platform Yotribe! This networking platform is meant to simulate the live experience of informal networking and connecting with your peers outside the sessions and in the hallway.

Once inside the room, you can

  • Check the participant list and find colleagues in the room with similar areas of interest

  • Join or leave conversations by moving your cursor to different groups

  • Create large or small groups by finding different areas to network in the room

  • Interact via video or chat – with individuals, groups or everyone

For any issues, please add your comments or chat to ALL we will be sure to address anything.

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  1. Click on the “Join virtual session” button

  2. Take a snapshot – Click on the button and give us your best smile!

  3. Enter the room – Type in the password PETS20

  4. Answer the icebreaker question

  5. Explore – move your cursor to move around the space, join discussion circles and chat with others