I am a session chair, what do I do?

Session chairs should join the call 15 minutes early and speak to the logistic chairs who will be hosting the call --- Jeremy, Sebastien or Ryan (for tracks A,B,C respectively). The logistic chair will play the prerecorded talk. While it is playing, audience members will be invited to (1) ask questions in the event website (at the bottom of the page for the track) or (2) join the Zoom call (on mute) to ask in person (by using the “raise hand” feature). The session chair will curate the questions or call on audience members to ask the question. The logistic chair will assist with unmuting participants as needed.

In the event that anything disrupts the logistic chairs, we request that the session chair serves as a backup. The session chair will be made a co-host, will have the ability to share their screen (for this, toggle on“Share Computer Sound”) and play the videos off of YouTube, or could simply instruct the audience to watch the talks on their own through YouTube and reconvene at a specific time for Q&A.

Here are things to highlight when opening a session:

Welcome to the NAME OF TRACK!

  • Introduce yourself

  • Questions can be asked one of two ways:

  • Written questions can be submitted in the Discussion box for the session on the main event website. Specify which paper the question is about

  • We also invite you to ask your question directly using the Zoom link in the YouTube video description

  • The livestream has a bit of a delay so ask your questions early

  • While we have tried to limit the livestream to conferences participants only, you should not rely on that. Phrase your questions and answers accordingly.

More detailed instructions and links to join the session for presentations (not viewing) are located in the email shared by the Logistics chairs. If you did not receive this email please contact:gc20@petsymposium.org

Instructions for Session Chairs