Authors are responsible to submit their pre-recorded paper presentation in video format.

DEADLINE: July 6th

To do so, please fill out the following FORM.

For questions related to the paper presentations, please

Tips and tricks to record your session:

  • Avoid background noise and echoes;

  • For detailed tips on how to best self-record your talk using your smartphone, tablet or laptop, please refer to this article: Recording video for social media and the web.

  • Remember to include a brief summary of your session and a relevant image when you submit your recording via the FORMabove.

What exactly is happening during each session?

The session chair will introduce the session and first speaker. They will stream the pre-recorded talk. During the talk, the authors can watch for questions on the event website (and even answer them on the discussion board as the talk is playing). After the talk is finished, the session chair will ask remaining questions from the event website, ask the authors to expand on questions they already answered, and ask any of the chair’s own questions.

When do I join the call?

Please join the call for the entire session (even if you are the last paper in the session). While streaming, the general chairs running the meeting room cannot be interacting with you at the same time, so it is important to on-board everyone before the session starts.

Who is running the call?

Jeremy Clark for everything marked A (, Sébastien Gambs for B (, and Ryan Henry for C ( Please contact them with your issues.

More detailed instructions and links to join the session for presentations (not viewing) are located in the email shared by the general chairs. 

If you have questions about the logistics of PETS, please email both and If you have questions about the papers or program content, email If you aren’t sure, just cc in all three addresses.

Instructions for Presenters