Vladimir Marchenkov

Ohio University

Vladimir Marchenkov, PhD, Professor of Philosophy of Art (Ohio University School of Interdisciplinary Arts), author of The Orpheus Myth and the Powers of Music (Pendragon 2009), translator of Aleksei Losev’s Dialectics of Myth (Routledge 2003), and author as well as consulting editor on Russian philosophy for the award-winning Encyclopedia of Philosophy, Second Edition (Thomson Gale 2006). Marchenkov edited two volumes of essays: Between Histories: Art’s Dilemmas and Trajectories (Hampton Press 2013) and Arts and Terror (Cambridge Scholars Publishing 2014), and has published numerous articles in academic editions in the US, UK, Russia, Kazakhstan, and Sri Lanka. Marchenkov serves as an Associate Editor of Studies in East European Thought (Springer). He teaches courses on philosophy of art, history of aesthetics, world aesthetic ideas, and art and morality. He is currently writing a book on Three Borises: Poetic Truth against the Will to Power and co-editing a volume of essays on Hegel, Art, and Politics (Bloomsbury).