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Marko Robert Stech

CIUS Press Executive Director
Canadian Institute of Ukrainian Studies

MARKO ROBERT STECH is a writer, literary scholar, and specialist in the history of culture, who works at the Canadian Institute of Ukrainian Studies (University of Alberta‒University of Toronto). He is Executive Director of CIUS Press and Project Manager of the Internet Encyclopedia of Ukraine and Hrushevsky Translation Project. He is the author of the award-winning novel Voice (Holos), the book of essays Essays in Search of Sources (Eseistyka i poshukakh dzherel), an experimental novel The Undying (Nevmyrushchi), and numerous essays. He is the compiler of the literary legacies of Ihor Kostetsky, Iurii Kosach, and Emma Andiievska; and a compiler and editor of an anthology of Ukrainian short prose in Czech translations. He is the author and producer of over 100 episodes of the «Очима культури» TV series on Kontakt TV (OMNI TV, Canada).

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