Olga Bobrova

Associate Professor
St.Petersburg State University of Economics

I teach students at St.Petersburg State University of Economics for already 16 years. My research interests include: Management, Economy of enterprise, Corporate social responsibility, Business Ethics, Stakeholder-management, Comparative economics, Orthodox entrepreneurship

In accordance to Russian Science Index, at the moment I have 51 publications in English and Russian with 88 citations, my Hirsch index is 5. I have a team of about a dozen coauthors from 3 countries. Among my publications there are 3 textbooks for students, one research monograph, two international book chapters, many articles and papers in proceedings of international conferences.

My ORCID profile may be found at https://orcid.org/0000-0001-9059-2086

For already 5 years I am an expert of Moscow Regional committee for NGO relations to assess effectiveness of social projects of Moscow NGOs.

I am an active member of Russian Business Ethics Network (see rben.ru) actively engaged in research of business ethics and CSR of Russian companies.

Four times I was an official opponent on the dissertations defense in St.Petersburg and Moscow.