Yaraslava Ananka

Humboldt University, Berlin, Germany

1987 – born in Ukraine

1993-2004 – school education at the Secondary School 4 (Cherven, Belarus) 

2004-2006 – studies of journalism at Belarusian State University (Minsk) 

2006-2011 – studies at The Maxim Gorky Literature Institute (Moscow) 

2012-2015 – DAAD Scholarship holder (doctoral fellowship) at Humboldt University (Berlin, Germany)

2018 – PhD degree 

2015-2018 – research assistant at the Department of Slavonic Studies of the University of Potsdam (within the framework of the project Village as the imagination space and experimental field in Eastern Europe)

2019-2020 – lecturer at the Department of Slavonic Studies at University of Innsbruck

2020-present – research assistant at the Department of Slavonic Studies of the Humboldt University (Berlin, Germany)

Research interests: Russian emigration in the 1920s in Germany, contemporary poetry in Belarus, Polish and East Slavic cultural and literary relations.


Kanikuly Kaina: Poetika promezhutka v berlinskikh stikhakh Vladislava Khodasevicha [Cain’s Vacations: The Poetics of the Interval in Berlin Poems by Vladislav Khodasevich] (Novoe literaturnoe obozrenie [New Literary Review] 2020, in print)