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Announcement: Virtual Congress - November 19, 2020

Considering the global pandemic and its impact on international travel, and after consulting with ICCEES and with registered participants, the Organizing Committee announces that the ICCEES 10th World Congress 2021 will be a virtual event.

We are working hard to ensure a stimulating, enriching World Congress experience for all participants. The virtual Congress will comprise lively, interactive panels, roundtables, and keynote events. In addition to the main program, participants will have diverse opportunities for virtual connections, informal discussions, and consultations. Other activities will include:

• Film Screenings

• Art Exhibit

• Exhibitor Fair

And workshops on: Academic Publishing, Academic Job Search, Practical Applications of Digital Archival Collections – and much more.

The shift to a virtual format presents other significant benefits. Many people who previously could not consider participating because of travel costs can now be part of the World Congress. It will also be much easier to join with colleagues worldwide in creating strong panel and roundtable proposals. We encourage everyone to take full advantage of this wider accessibility.

We will release more information concerning new registration prices and reimbursements for registered participants in the coming weeks. Your patience is much appreciated.

We would also like to remind you that the New Call for Proposals is open (see below for more details) and we look forward to your panel, roundtable and individual paper proposals!

Reopening of the Call for Submissions Portal

The Organizing Committee of the 10th ICCEES World Congress (3-8 August 2021) is delighted to reopen the Call for Proposals. The deadline is March 31st, 2021.

  • Then submit your proposal by choosing the appropriate category by clicking here.

If you previously submitted a proposal and maintained registration, we will be in touch with you shortly.

If you have any questions, please contact us at

A Message from the Co-Chairs of the Organising Committee

Considering the escalating global impact of COVID-19, the declaration of states of emergency, and the closure of universities, the Organizing Committee of the 10th ICCEES World Congress recommended and ICCEES has decided:
1. that the 10th ICCEES World Congress be postponed; and2. that it be held at Concordia University in Montreal, from 3 to 8 August 2021.

It has been a complex and arduous process to assess the necessity and feasibility of postponement and to arrive at this decision. It is not a step that is taken lightly. ICCEES, its member associations, and all participants certainly understand the gravity of the current global crisis.While we hope for a rapid return to normal operations, the Organizing Committee considered all the relevant factors and concluded that under the circumstances postponement is the most prudent option.

ICCEES, the Canadian Association of Slavists, and Concordia University fully support the Organizing Committee in ensuring that the 10th ICCEES World Congress will be a resounding success in 2021.

Andrii Krawchuk and Alison Rowley,
Co-chairs, Organising Committee of the 10th ICCEES World Congress