Congress Update: Redesigning the Congress Experience for 2021

July 31st, 2020

On behalf of the Organizing Committee of the 10 th ICCEES World Congress, greetings to all current and future registrants. After many years of preparations and planning, we are approaching the date when we had expected to open the Congress.

Of course, COVID-19 changed everything and we postponed the Congress until 2021.
With international travel practically at a standstill, that decision may appear in retrospect as self evident. But at the time, we had to consider many different factors and our decision to postpone was not taken lightly. As we adjust to this global turning point, we see opportunities for improving the Congress format and the Congress experience. Virtual technology has progressed in leaps and bounds, and has opened up unprecedented possibilities, including:
• Remote Accessibility – new options to those who may face difficulties in personally
attending the Congress;
• Interactivity – active engagement and stimulating exchanges of ideas with colleagues
and peers; and
• Flexibility – viewing, or re-viewing sessions according to your schedule.

The Organizing Committee is assessing these innovations, and we want to take maximum advantage of them in redesigning Congress 2021. Our goal is to increase access to more people while enhancing the Congress experience for all.
Many of you are maintaining registration through 2021. For those who have not yet registered but would like to do so, please note that there will be a second Call for Proposals this fall.

Together we can overcome our present challenges and advance international encounters and collaboration. We look forward to welcoming you in Montreal next year!

Andrii Krawchuk, Co-Chair, Organizing Committee
ICCEES 10th World Congress
3-8 August, 2021 – Concordia University, Montreal