To maximize your participation in this virtual event, we encourage you to complete the following steps:

1. Complete your log in information and personalize your profile. Don’t hesitate to add your social media info (LinkedIn, Tweeter) and a picture if you wish!

2. Check out the event schedule  and create a personalized agenda by registering for the sessions you wish to attend.

3. Access the asynchronous presentations before the virtual event. The asynchronous presentations will be accessible two week prior the event through Grenadine or Gather Town.

4. Create your avatar on the Gather Town platform and explore the space.

5. Verify that your home computer meets the Technical Requirements to attend.

6. Look through the Attendees list, find people you want to network with during the comfort breaks and social get-together opportunities.

7. Read the Frequently Asked Questions.

8. Contact us at if you have any questions or concerns!