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Marie-Pierre Cossette

Chargée de programmes, Direction des défis de société et des maillages intersectoriels, Bureau du Scientifique en chef
Fonds de recherche du Québec

Marie-Pierre Cossette holds a Ph.D. in psychology from Concordia University. Specializing in neuroscience, she has always been fascinated by the brain’s capacity to make decisions in the presence of rewards as diverse as a bite of chocolate, warm mittens, a walk in the forest, relaxing music… such a diverse flow of information that nevertheless converges towards the same neurons, and leads either to action or inaction. To keep up with the rapid advances in neuroscience, Marie-Pierre had to learn a myriad of techniques at the crossroads of a number of fields: molecular biology, genetics, electrochemistry, optics, nanotechnology, mathematics, advanced statistics, programming, and like the majority of the next generation of researchers, project management and collaborative techniques!

Resolutely intersectoral by way of her academic background and with her feet firmly planted in research funding – Marie-Pierre served on the FQRS’s board of directors and was President of the Intersectoral student committee at the FRQ for 3 years, she is actively involved with the team dedicated to societal challenges and intersectoral networking at the FRQ. She contributes to the development of an intersectoral research program to respond to three major societal challenges: demographic changes and aging, climate change and sustainable development, entrepreneurship, and creativity.

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