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Gabriella Tessitore

Postdoctoral fellow in luminescent nanoparticles
Concordia University

I received my BSc. and MSc. as chemical engineer in Italy, before starting moving within Europe to obtain my PhD in Chemistry and Molecular Science in 2017. Taking part to a Marie-Curie initial training network (LUMINET - FP7 - PEOPLE), I worked in research groups at the chemistry department of the Ruhr-Universität Bochum (Germany) and the University of Bern (Switzerland), where I obtained my PhD diploma. After, I was offered short-term appointments as a postdoctoral fellow at the University of Bern (Switzerland) and at the Stockholm University (Sweden) during the 2018, before joining in the same year the group of Prof. John A. Capobianco at the Chemistry and Biochemistry department of Concordia University.

Since August 2018, I have been working in the multidisciplinary lanthanide research group at Concordia University, studying the optical properties of luminescent nanomaterials and their different applications from particle velocimetry to cancer radiotherapy . I personally developed a novel velocimetry technique under the supervision of Prof. Capobianco and with the help of other group and department members. The developed Multiemission Particle Velocimetry ( technique provides accurate velocity measurements without need for any calibration and with a flexible, economic and simple experimental setup. I recently submitted an application for a Mitacs Accelerate Industrial Postdoc, proposing the use of plasmonic nanostructures produced by a partner SME with the luminescent nanoparticles synthesized in the group of Prof. Capobianco at Concordia to enhance radiation therapy. Waiting for the response to my proposal, I am taking part to this event to explore more possibilities for my career and hear from experts in industrial, academic and entrepreneurial realities to get inspiration and useful tips.