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Méi-Ra St-Laurent

Stagiaire postdoctorale
Concordia University

Dr. Méi-Ra St-Laurent is pursuing a SSHRC-funded postdoctoral internship with the Someone Projet team, where she is interested in the connection between “political correctness” and hate speech in the context of North American popular music. Méi-Ra holds a PhD in musicology from l’Université Laval (Québec). Her doctoral thesis focuses on the way black metal groups in Québec share their identity and reconfigure it by adapting the ideological and aesthetic codes of black metal to Québec history and culture. She has also published several articles in different academic journals (Metal Music Studies, Journal on the Art of Record Production or Intersections : revue canadienne de musique) and presented her work at several international conferences (Art of Record Production, International Association for the Study of Popular Music, International Society for Metal Music Studies). Her academic interests are aimed at gaining a better understanding of the way in which music emanating from a society at a given time reflects the social and political challenges characterizing it.