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Dr. Gabriele Capilli

Postdoctoral researcher
McGill University

Science and art are my passions.
I started developing my artistic side as a professional dancer early on in my life, and performed as an actor for several companies including the Italian National Theatre for 10 years.
At the same time, my curiosity for the laws that regulate our material world led me towards an academic career in Chemistry. After completing a master's degree in environmental chemistry, I pursued a PhD in chemical and material sciences where I designed and synthesized new materials for environmental remediation (i.e. water decontamination) under solar light. I presented my discoveries at the top international scientific conferences in Europe and North America.

I'm currently a postdoc in the Biointerface lab of McGill University (chemical engineering dept.), where I'm working on very different projects including graphene-based materials for water remediation, green fuel production, and energy storage, coatings with antiviral properties, and glasses able to convert to bones when inside a living body.
My collaborations within multidisciplinary research groups gave me a broad expertise in the fields of environment and materials including green energy, photo-induced chemical processes, electrochemistry, nanomaterial synthesis, sensors, graphene, and antiviral technologies.