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Key messages for management​


Following the successful launch of the Microsoft 365 Unconference in August and September 2020, a second edition of the unconference is being held in 2021-2022. 

The format of two half-day sessions continues. The first session took place on October 1, from 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. The second half-day session is taking place on January 28, 2022. 

The unconference event – open to staff and faculty - allows participants to actively participate in the sessions, collaborate with others with similar interests, and present information from their own experiences.

Key messages 

  • This year’s theme, entitled the “Digital skill-share unconference”, focusses on the sharing of knowledge and digital skills amongst employees and how this will benefit faculty and staff in their daily work activities.
  • Staff and faculty are encouraged to set aside the time in their agendas to take full advantage of the half-day sessions allocated to digital skill development.
  • The unconference sessions offer employees opportunities to share their discoveries and experiences with new tools and platforms with their colleagues in an informal and collaborative environment – peer-to-peer learning is a key element of this unconference.
  • The unconference will offer employees engaging opportunities to focus on areas of learning most relevant to them.
  • The second edition of the unconference continues to emphasize the university’s commitment to build and improve on the digital capabilities of its employees and look at new tools beyond the suite of Microsoft 365 apps
  • The January 28 half-day session will include topics like classroom technologies, events-related platforms, learning resources such as Udemy, modules and tips and tricks for UNITY and much more.
  • Some different streams being offered include:
    • Digital productivity
    • Teaching tools
    • Virtual events
    • UNITY
  • This first half-day unconference will include a mix of interactive and learn on-your-own sessions. The interactive sessions will have stream options based on levels of digital skills and interests, and will require advance registration. More information about the sessions are available on the Digital Skill-share unconference site.
  • Ensure that employees are signed up to Udemy and have activated their Udemy account – a number of sessions will require participants to access their Udemy account


Key messages for management​