The Future

We would like to envision the future of the CCT Consortium as it is expanding and building a culture and capacity. In doing so, we would ask participants to imagine the future of our institution, emergent inquiries and contexts, and new fruitful paths for  contributions. The CCT 2019 Conference aims thus to provoke a renewed sense of urgency, passion and interest for furthering consumer research that matters, fascinates, and challenges current theories and established notions. 

With this conference, we would also like to propose a reflection on the future of CCT. We would like to provide different opportunities for people to voice their ideas and concerns and provide spaces to brainstorm. We will facilitate forums that are both traditional (e.g.: Competitive Papers and Special Sessions), and alternative (e.g.: Creative Tracks). We hope this conference will serve as a moment of agenda setting and inspiration for new generation of scholars. We also experiment with the format, with an eye for the future of conferences: shorter but denser, affordable, and inclusive.