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Challenge Questions

During the concurrent conference sessions, we will work on challenges. Below is our first draft of the challenges for each theme. The challenges may change a bit as the conference approaches. Once they are locked in will post timing as well as the provocateur and facilitator who will lead the challenge discussion.

Who & What are We Missing

  • Climate Change and Disabilities: What is the impact of climate change on people with disabilities and how do we prepare?
  • Dignity in Life: How can we make sure that there is dignity in living before we offer dignity in dying?
  • Mutual Aid Community Infrastructure: How do we create infrastructure and platforms for mutual aid communities?
  • Personalized Interfaces: Can we make one-size-fits-one interfaces available to people who need them?
  • Exiting the Charity Model: What are the off ramps from the systemic charity hamster wheel?
  • Indigenous knowledge and disability: How can we best draw from Indigenous knowledge, and Disability knowledge, as we seek to address the social, environmental, and technological challenges of our time?

Inclusive Decision-making

  • Housing and Disability: What are better housing alternatives when aging with disabilities?
  • Assistive Technology Ecosystem: How do we create a reliable assistive technology ecosystem?
  • Diversity-Supportive Artificial Intelligence: How can we shape artificial intelligence to value difference rather than discriminate against outliers and minorities?
  • Education Transformation: Can we reshape education so that every learner can fully realize their potential throughout their lifetime?
  • Disabilities and Future Work: How do people with disabilities navigate the risks and seize the opportunities of the future of work?
  • Generative AI and Accessibility: How can we shape generative AI to address accessibility barriers?

Innovation in Standards and Policy 

  • Disability Regulations: How do we design and implement effective disability regulations?
  • Financial Aid Design: How can we better design financial aid?
  • Accessibility Ethics: Can we design a digital accessibility ethics code of conduct and what would it entail?
  • Systemic Change in Standards and Policy: How can we achieve long term systemic change in our design and implementation of standards and policy?

Accessible and Equitable Communications 

  • Equity in Anti-DEI Climates: How do we make progress in equity in an anti-DEI (Diversity Equity and Inclusion) environment?
  • Changing Disability Narratives Online: How can we change the online narrative regarding disability and accessibility?
  • Disability Community Media Strategy: What would a media strategy for the disability community look like?
  • Toxicity Filters and Discussion: How to address toxicity filters that hinder discussion of critical topics and censor people with differences?
Challenge Questions